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I’m working with Edius Grass Valley editing program over 12 years. Sure I’m tested another software, but Edius was always for me the BEST, so I don’t go deep about the benefits, cause You already know it 🙂

But there is one disapointment – native transitions, they are so “old school” that I am almost never used it. Meanwhile in the market there are so many cool “usable” dynamic transitions plugins, but unfortunately no one produces good ones for Edius.

So I decided to replicate the coolest and make my own transition presets.
There is nothing special – Edius always had transition named “Transform(x2)” where You can customize whatever You want. OK “not whatever” – Edius I missed in “Transform(x2) motion blur and more distortion ability to make “High End” perfect transitions. Anyway it works fine as it is. So few days of work and I’ve made it – my beloved coolest dynamic transitions presets.

Sure You can make it Yourself – spend 3-5 days of research and You will have it, or You can just grab it from me for symbolic price – a cup of good coffee 🙂 5 €

videographer Tomas Tamkvaitis



• 17 dynamic transitions presets
• Manual how to install them

Works perfectly on EDIUS 7, EDIUS 8, EDIUS 9.
Works instantly without rendering and of course doesn’t matter what workflow or resolution You work with.